Greetings, Lueur Lauren family!
LLIC TEAMS, are you ready to represent Beauty and Power this year 2023?
Join our “Raise Your Team Flag” Competion and win P5,000 CASH!
Stand proud and raise your creative flag during the Team Parade in our LLIC 3rd Year Anniversary at the Sky Dome, SM North EDSA.
Click the registration link:
All active LLIC Teams (in alphabetical order) below can join.
1. Team Amazing Grace
2. Team Caleb
3. Team Eagle Warriors
4. Team Game Changer
5. Team Golden Vision
6. Team On Fire Worldwide
7. Team Strong Independent Success
8. Team Success
9. Team Up Worldwide Unstoppable Dreamers
Check out our Team Flag requirements.
-23 inches in height
-38 inches in width
-Flag Pole is 8 feet
What are you waiting for? Join now, stand proud and let your team dominate the night in our LLIC 3rd Year Anniversary.