Greetings, Lueur Lauren family & friends!
We all made HISTORY yesterday!
Our LLIC “POWER COUPLES” Press Conference 2021 made the BIGGEST and HIGHEST reach we had for LLIC and our #KarJack was top 1 trending on Twitter yesterday!
Thank you to our loving BOEs, LLIC Employees, GUV family, LLIC Leaders, to our production team, and to all our LLIC distributors WORLDWIDE! And of course, to our very own NEW Ambassadors and Network Leaders..
Coach D-Coy
Coach Chacha
Coach DJ Kara
And Coach Papa Jackson!
Truly a great milestone and the start of a new phase in our company.
Thank you for all your love and unwaivering support! We promise that there will be more in store for all of you.
Cheers and God bless us all.