Greetings, Lueur Lauren family!

Sharing to everyone the highlights of the GAWAD PILIPINO ICON OF YEAR 2022 last September 17, 2022 where LUEUR LAUREN INTERNATIONAL CORP., was awarded as BUSINESS ICON OF THE YEAR for Most Innovative Luxury Wellness & Skin Care Beauty International Company of the Year!

Our mother company, TPC, and our loving Founder, Hon. Mayor Lorenzo Rellosa were also recognized that memorable night.

We also would like to express our gratitude to our great LLIC Vice President for Operations, Ms. Anna Loraine Rellosa and her partner, Ms. Karen Erika Castillo for representing us in receiving these awards.

Special thanks to our GUV Directors, Ms. Jill Pajalla, Mr. Hernan Quiñones and his wife Ms. Alma Quiñones, and the lead event organizer, Ms. Fellie Soriano Castillo.

Congratulations to all of us, LLIC Family for this great milestone!

Feel Glamorous, Be Glamorous!