Greetings, Lueur Lauren family.
The rags to riches stories were already shown into on and offline movies, television series or printed in the many pages of books and magazines. But what if one real story is virtually within your reach, in your doorstep or in your office?
The LLIC Road to Year 4 in 2024 online event continues as we reminisce once more the humble beginnings and the big wins of Lueur Lauren International Corp. Founder and the current Famy, Laguna Hon. Mayor Lorenzo Rellosa as he talks on POWER: Achievements & Experiences.
Let us witness together on August 4, 2023, Friday, 4PM via LLIC FB Page Live the story of our very own “Daddy Pres” / “Tatay Pres” and get the chance to win the exciting raffle prizes for our lucky live viewers who will stay with us from start to end.
Cheers and God bless us all!